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Guesthouse in the Romanian Carpathians
Nature-based tours and educational journeys
A vampire-bat Carpathian wildlife Bear watching
Nature-based tours and educational trips,
and what else CNTOURS offers to you:
  • Hiking and nature adventure trips (all year)
  • Wildlife viewing (bear watching)
    (on request)
    Bear watching takes place from late afternoon to evening. We use a closed hide in the forest and are accompanied by an authorized ranger for safety reasons.
    Since it is very unlikely to see bears during a hike, observation from a hide in the forest is an appropriate form of wildlife observation. We put some delicacies out for the bears which are not more than 5 % of their daily nutritional needs.
    Photography is possible, however only without flash or AF-light. The price per person is 50,- € (adults) and 40,- € (children 10 – 15 yrs).
    The area is restricted for children under 10 years! bear watching
  • Courses with the forest ranger
    (only for residents of the Guesthouse Villa Hermani)
  • Bird watching
    (only for residents of the Guesthouse Villa Hermani)
  • Round trips:
    Together with members of the Romanian association of ecotourism (AER) several trips have been developed, which allow you to explore different areas of Romania. So you can for example hike in the Carpathian Mountains, and then enjoy a few days of birdwatching in the Danube Delta. Or you travel to the Maramures in the north-western Romania, for visiting one of the last forest railways in Europe: the Mocăniţa in Vaser Valley. Or you visit the splendidly painted monasteries in the northern Bukovina.
  • Travel to the history and culture of the Transylvanian Saxons:
    CNTOURS leads you to the authentic places in the region between Sibiu and Brasov, away from the much visited tourist routes. You will be amazed and thrilled by the achievements of this people and the various initiatives to preserve this unique culture. Especially in Sibiu, European Capital of Culture 2007, cultural events attract large interest. CNTOURS offers day trips to all special events.
  • Individual travels:
    CNTOURS can prepare tailor-made trips to all kinds of issues and objectives in Romania. The tours may be made in all seasons. You can get multilingual Transylvanian tour guides which accompany you professionally and lead you to all desired locations.
  • What's more:
    In addition, CNTOURS can make available or organize:
    • Hiking poles, cross-country skis, snowshoes and sleds
    • Travel by horse and cart or horse-drawn sledge
    • Climbing in Piatra Craiului solid or in the Bucegi Mountains with experienced alpinists
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