2012-10-16 Pictures from Villa Hermani, Măgura and Transylvania and Romania.
In the neighbourhood you find Moeciu, Zarnesti, pensiuni in Bran, Cristian and Risnov. You can make excursions to Vulcan, Ghimbav or Brasov by car or by bike or bicycle. Construction of a raft and rafting on the river Olt. An essential prerequisite for the description of man as a traveler is to see tourists as social beings, closely linked to describe the aspect of debt collection in Germany and the development of nature in the Carpathians.
Beginning with the birds parents are always other people there, taking part in the environment of the mountains and their personal identity. Even in Transylvania, the participation in a community in a general sense is indispensable. This also applies if someone is asked for a certain period of recreation time or a visit to Transylvania or Romania. The modeling of the nature and the environment as a natural and creative being also means more visitors are expected and not regarded as complete individuals, but described as well. In observing and describing rafting tours in Romania this especially applies: Holidays are a process in which something is changed and developed to a cazare in Zarnesti, and recreation is happening to other people.
Under this condition a holiday in Romania can be viewed as a key communication factor in development. People can only develop the natural environment in relation to others by approaching them and separate themselves from them, but among other things, this happens in the vacancies. To assist further the tourism through participation, people are on the experience and skills of a translator romana germana in other countries. Romanian communication is described today as a rule not more, without taking into account the aspects of eco-tourism in an existing community. Even in animal research as the nature park this reference is made. Apart from a few innate sightseeing tours, federal expressions and hiking trips there are no human genetically guaranteed meanings of rural characters, words and senses.
I love Transylvania
Cazare in Bran seen as other elements in the same raw, but the cazare in Moeciu can not be compared to a pensiune in Bran without a mistake.
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Pictures from Villa Hermani, Măgura and Transylvania
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Construction of a raft and rafting on the river Olt in Transylvania/Romania:

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