Holidays in Măgura in Romania in the Transylvanian mountains

Holiday in the Carpathian mountains

I love Transylvania and Dracula.
Magura in the Carpathians
Măgura and the environment in Transylvania
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Magura/Transylvania Magura and Bucegi Mountains


The mountain village of Măgura is located at an altitude of 1000m above sealevel, right in the middle of Piatra Craiului national park. Until 50 years ago the village could only be reached by foot or with horse and cart. That's why local traditions are still kept and are still lived by the farmers. Livestock breeding is the basis of the local income, in summer the animals graze in the alpine meadows cared for by shepherds and dogs as protection against wolves and bears. The hay meadows in the village are still scythed and there are more horse-drawn carts than cars on the road. Vegetables and salads for the kitchen are grown in the gardens. Meat, milk and eggs are provided from the farmers of the village.
The scarcity of cars, the clean air, and the freedom of nature make the place a paradise for families with children.
After a walk of 6 km, the famous Dracula-Castle in Bran can be reached. The distance to Brasov is about 25 km. To the nearest town Zarnesti, with bank, post office and shops, it is 3 km (less than 45 minutes on foot; by car or bike it is of course faster).
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Magura with Piatra Craiului mountains