2016-10-20 Arrival and luggage to Transylvania Romania and Magura

Travel journey and arrival to Romania Transylvania and to Villa Hermani in Magura

Journey to Transylvania and Romania
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How to arrive to Transylvania and to Magura
and what to take with you ?

You can arrive by car. If you come from northern Germany, you have to pause in Hungary for a night (unless you have at least two drivers).
If you travel by train, take the night train in Vienna, and arrive well rested in the morning in Medias or later in the morning in Brasov. You will be collected from the station.
If you arrive by plane you should fly to Bucharest. From there a railway brings you to Brasov. Or you can be picked up at the Bucharest airport by a driver.
If your holiday starts in Sibiu (round trip or walking tour), you should of course fly directly to Sibiu.
Your special luggage for Romania:
In Transylvania it is quite warm in summer (mediterranean temperatures), and naturally you have strong solar radiation in the high mountains. Take light and sun-protective clothing (sunhat!). Do not forget to pack bathing suits, and even a light rainwear. Transylvania is a very fertile and green land, and it may rain even in summer, but usually only for a short time. You must not fear long rainy periods.
During the months from november to april you should take along warm and waterproof clothing. And remember: in Transylvania and particularly in the Carpathian mountains there is snow in winter!
If you also want to make real hikes in the high mountains (that is over 1,000 meters), you should choose the most stable boots you can find. The mountain paths are predominantly in a natural state.

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