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Guesthouse in the Romanian Carpathians

Adventure holiday with family or hiking group in Romania Transylvania

From the perspective of leisure travel and their claims it shows that, in light of the presented concepts, the claims exist either by reference to the seemingly objective given the existence or absence of facts on holidays can be redeemed or recourse necessary to social interaction, as where the validity is based ultimately on intersubjective recognition of Romania. The latter theory enriches this and is thought by them back in continuation of the issues highlighted by a guide action character of both, the validity of subjective language recognition as well as the existence of shelters in the Romanian Carpathians. Compared to other institutions that are distinguished from accommodations or hotels, here again, the postulate under the pressure of the influx of tourists validity theoretically declares and enforces it definitely as package tours and excursions in Romania with a hiking group.

Package holiday or packaged tour with hiking and sightseeing in the Carpathians in Transylvania Romania

The exemplary study of holiday resorts tends therefore in the direction to take advantage of a package holiday in the semantic view, which is characterized as follows: In order to assess what relevance such visits to Dracula play, as in a plethora of scientific publications on design issues and their theory in every guesthouse near Dracula and Bran possible touristic shadings were deployed, it is useful to take a look at the views of Romanian language, tours and sightseeing in Transylvania, as they are practitioners of the Romanian tour operators in nature who are developed and expressed as foreign visitors.

The all-inclusive tour and all expense holiday in Romania

Communication on holiday, which is based on principles, qualifies itself as rational, but merely gives the Carpathians a formal framework for how the group can organize on vacation; about possible content of anything they say. If it is assumed that holidays in Romania are organized in the form of a temporary episode, both identified with its beginning and its end in the course of the journey itself recursively, then it rises under the pressure of decision-making more of the formal character of argumentation concerning Dracula, because of well-chosen criteria, the system can not guarantee the whole of Transylvania in detail of a rational state. This are just too high demands on good, modern and professionally managed tour operators and accommodations in Romania but they seem to be the correct argument. Accordingly it turns to theories of modern tourist who wish to finalize procedural universal values such as equity or reason or prior to conservation in the Romanian Carpathians, and it concludes stresses that can reach intuitive in its dependence on the mountains and valleys, the reason for a local recreation rationality.
Bran castle Sibiu Viscri Villa Hermani in Măgura Fortified church

More fun with a walking group!

Programs for families and groups - package holidays
Over the years, certain hiking and tour programs have been established, which have proven to be particularly popular. Above all are multi-day sightseeing tours and guided half day or full day tours in small groups of 6 to 16 persons. Many of these trips take place regularly several times a year. If you travel with at least 6 persons, you can get an individual small group travel at any season with any desired program. If you prefer, you can also join an already planned group travel, and thereby meet other nice people. You can also join your family or your own "small group" to such a group trip.
A typical small group travel is "Transylvanian towns and wilderness of the Carpathians":
  • Day 1:  Arrival in Medias  
    In the morning you arrive in Medias with the overnight train from Vienna. We have breakfast in the venerable old restaurant "Zur Traube"and then we start on a city tour.
    Leaving Medias we head south and take first station in Slimnic. The village is dominated by a castle ruin from the 14th Century. We then proceed to Sibiu. In the former village Turnisor, now a part of Sibiu, we visit the museum of the Landler, who immigrated here from Upper Austria. We stay in Sibiu, in the evening there will be enough time to explore the city.
  • Day 2:  From Sibiu to Sighisouara and Viscri  
    In the morning we visit the historic old town of Sibiu. Sibiu is one of the most beautiful cities in Transylvania. At noon we leave Sibiu and drive through the Harbachtal to Sighisoara. Sighisoara is the only inhabited medieval castle in Transylvania. We visit the main attractions, such as the Clock Tower, the symbol of Sighisoara, the 700 year old monastery church, the mountain school with a wooden staircase of over 150 levels, and the various guild-towers.
    From Sighisoara, we drive 40 km to the east and reach the village Viscri, which lies off the main roads. Here, the visitor gets the feeling that time has stood still. The fortified church of Viscri was added to the list of world cultural heritage. By an overnight stay with a family you can enjoy the traditional hospitality. The rooms are simple and clean, the dinner is taken together with the group.
  • Day 3:  Hike to Seiburg and transfer to the Piatra Craiului national park  
    Today we leave Viscri and walk over the hills to Jibert. There we are expected by our minibus. After a picnic, we head south to our destination, the mountain village of Magura in the middle of the National Park Piatra Craiului. On our way we are travelling through the "Burzenland", the landscape in the environment of the city of brasov. In Magura, at an altitude of 1050 m, we will stay in the pension Villa Hermani for the next days.
  • Day 4:  By horse and cart to search of clues  
    We start the day with a trip to Burzental. There, a horse and cart are waiting for us and bring us at a leisurely pace to the start of our walk into a side valley. We climb a ridge and begin our search for traces of wolves, bears and lynx, all of which are at home in this area. At the end of the walk we return to our horse carriage, which brings us back into civilian life.
  • Day 5:  Traditional sheep-rearing  
    Traversing the typical Romanian villages Magura and Pestera we climb to a mountain pasture at approximately 1500 meters. In a little cheese dairy we try the local, on the pasture produced artisan cheeses.
  • Day 6:  Ravine and Little Piatra Craiului  
    Today we walk through the impressive Prapasitle Zarnestilor gorge with its towering cliffs. We go to the Curmatura refuge (1470 m). In good weather conditions, we continue our climb to over 1,800 meters high on the ridge of the Little Piatra Craiului. In the evening we will enjoy a shepherd-meal with meat dishes from the grill. Depending on the season, we can get a local vegetarian speciality: the Transylvanian sausage-dog-roulade, and for dessert we have flanell-pudding (sounds strange, but it is a Transylvanian speciality).
  • Day 7:  Walking-tour to Dracula's castle in Bran and bear-watching  
    In the morning we hike over a ridge at an altidute of 1,500 meters to Bran castle, which is commonly known as the castle of Prince Dracula. We go back to our board by minibus.
    Option: Some people might want to open again for an adventure to experience: observing wild bears in the forest. Our bears visit is accompanied by a forester, we stay in a secure high seat. Only late in the evening we return to Magura.
  • Day 8:  Walking-tour to the village of Vulcan  
    We take a 3 hour hike along a gentle ridge to Vulcan. There we are greeted with coffee and cake, we explore the village with its beautifully restored and lovingly maintained fortified church. We drive back to the board in Magura by our van.
  • Day 9:  Brasov  
    The morning is at leisure, early afternoon we drive to Brasov. Brasov is the old commercial center of the Transylvanian Saxons. About 19:00 clock, you are then taken to the station, where the night train to Vienna awaits you in the direction of home.
  • Booking
    You can book a trip of this kind directly here at cntours, or as a complete package tour including journey for example at the travel agency exodus.

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