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The imprint is often referred to an operation of judicial thoughts, which reduces the reality of concrete objects and properties from general terms such as other forms. This may not be required in the referenced objects of certain individual characteristics, so that the subtracted features on several other legal terms also may apply. Such general terms, talked to by the humanities or independent court realities, replace the term even if there are no counterparts in the real world of law firms in Germany or no synonyms present in any natural language that could describe the content of the concept.
Such aspects have to demand some theories, precisely because they are abstractions, a specific status, how can they get intentional content. In particular, but these are currently not localized, and therefore accessible only to those considerations, can understand the mental models of their type. The latter approach is a pragmatic and constructive point of view regarding abstract positions. Here are the object points to the legal realism, which argue that approaches the same expressions and words merely constructs are to have no independent existence of the expectation with respect to the German rights of those affected affairs.
The extraordinary views take the position that there is only one type of construct, but it is also mostly known as idealistic. Debates on such cognitive and theoretical issues are out for a long time and have increased in size yet in recent times. So here are different theories concerning the naturally occurring types of objects drawn: There were so-called universal theories, but they were fully described in detail as nonexistent. Only this kind of theories has denied that right on benefits derived concepts are only copies of ideas. Also to the easy-to-define but detectable distinction between German lawyers and concrete things are difficult to accurately explain and complicated approaches have been developed. While these representatives as the necessary existence of abstract objects from the outset to try to show on an abstract basis, other groups want to prove them wrong, especially for the reform of the rules.
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